The Bromeliad Society of Queensland Inc

Spring Bonanza 2017  – 11 and 12 November 2017

Come and join us for our major spring event. Lots of bromeliads plus some tropicals as well as advice and information. Entry fee is $4.00.

Check out the Event Page for more detail.

Download a show entry form here. Check out the Resources page for more detailed information on entries.

If you are entering a photo – electronic or printed – you need to complete a show entry form and send the electronic photo to Printed copies should be delivered as though they are plants.

Web Site Changes

Please note that we are updating our pages of journals and so this will not show all volumes that we had up previously. It will take some time so please be patient with us. At the end, we will have a full list of all Bromeliaceae that we could obtain copies of. We have nearly 50 years of Bromeliaceae being scanned in.

We also hope to have a full listing of articles written.


The wonderful world of bromeliads can be fatally attractive. What starts as a passing interest can suddenly become a full time hobby.

Bromeliads are grown widely in Queensland and it is through our society that we hope to provide information and assistance for growers.

This site has been designed to provide help through our Tips & FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) pages as well as our wide range of Resources including past copies of our journal. The Show Schedule is available for download on the Resources page.

Our Gallery provides an insight to plants and gardens while our Events page keeps you informed of our activities throughout the year.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and perhaps join us for one of our meetings or special events.

Broms are beautiful ……… and addictive.

Why not join us?


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2017 will see us celebrate our 50th anniversary. Click here for more information.