About Us

Our Committee

President: Barry Kable
Email: president@bromsqueensland.com.au

Secretary: Alfonso Trudu
Email: secretary@bromsqueensland.com.au

Treasurer: John Olsen
Email: treasurer@bromsqueensland.com.au

Our Objectives

The objects for which the Society is established are:

  • To promote good fellowship among all people interested in Bromeliad culture and in horticulture generally.
  • To further the knowledge and advancement of all that pertains to Bromeliads, including their natural history, cultivation and hybridisation.
  • To disseminate knowledge of Bromeliads and carry out educational and research activities into all aspects of Bromeliaceae.

Our Constitution

Our Policy and Procedures


Dates: Third Thursday of each month (except December)
Time: 6:45 pm plant sales, 7:00 pm meeting commences
Location: Merthyr Uniting Church Hall, 52 Merthyr Road New Farm QLD

The Society holds regular monthly general meetings with plant sales, plant displays, plant competitions, guest speakers and raffles. Bus trips and field days where members and visitors can view other growers’ collections are some of the additional activities which the Society organises. Visitors are most welcome to attend a meeting.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is held in February or March as per the notice in the Bromeliaceae publication and newsletter.

To nominate for the Management Committee, complete the Committee Nomination Form (PDF).


To become a member, sign up at one of the meetings or complete the Membership registration form.


  • Bromeliaceae: a quarterly publication for members. The publication provides articles on growing and looking after bromeliads. It is posted to members or members can access the publication online. Older publications are available to the public.
  • Newsletter: a monthly newsletter is published electronically.