These resources are provided to assist you in developing your knowledge of bromeliads. Each area provides something different.

The Library page lists our current books and provides details on how to borrow.

The Bromeliaceae page provides access to all magazines which are older than 12 months. Access to current editions of Bromeliaceae is only available to members.

The Newsletter page provides access to our monthly communication which focuses on the social aspects of our society. These are normally emailed to our members.

Our Book Reviews are the results of members efforts. Have a read before you buy or borrow.

We also have a range of Papers which are written by members.

When BSQ runs the Autumn and Spring Shows, the Show Entry Form should be completed prior to the event for plants and photosgraphs. The Entry Form can be downloaded here – show-entry-form-v1-2-16092016 . A copy of the full Show Schedule is available by using this link – amended-schedule-190516 Please note that you only have to complete the Show Entry Form if you are entering the show. If you are entering a photo – electronic or printed – you need to complete a show entry form and send the electronic photo to Printed copies should be delivered as though they are plants.

Thee internet has a wide variety of videos on growing bromeliads. We have identified a number which may be of interest. This does not mean that we endorse the content of these videos. Check these out:

Why not check out progress scores for the monthly meeting shows?

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