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Bromeliad Society of Australia

Bromeliad Society of South Australia

Bromeliad Society of Victoria

Cairns Bromeliad Society

Gold Coast Succulent and Bromeliad Society Inc.

Illawarra Bromeliad Society

Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society Inc.

Bromeliad Society International

Bromeliad Society of New Zealand

Bromeliad Society of Germany

Bromeliad Society of Japan

Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies (FCBS)

Sociedade Brasileira de Bromélias

Bromeliad Society of Broward County

Bromeliad Society of San Francisco

New York Bromeliad Society

Bromeliad Cultivar Registry

Taxon List

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World Conference 2017 – San Diego, California

Australasian Conference  2019 – Gold Coast, Queensland

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Growers and Suppliers

Listing here does not mean that the Bromeliad Society of Queensland endorses any grower or product.

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Places of interest

This is a list of places where you can find information of interest in relation to bromeliads and wider gardening matters.