Plants that compliment Bromeliads

Many types of plants combine well with bromeliads. It is best to combine plants with similar growth requirements – light, moisture, substrate or soil. Also consider colour combinations.

Plant types to combine

  • Dracaenas and Cordylines
  • Aroids eg Anthurium, Philodendron, Alocasia, Caladium
  • Certain palms
  • Cycads
  • Deciduous plants eg Frangipani
  • Begonias


  • Plant background plants
  • Use green or variegated plants to highlight dark bromeliads
  • Use coloured plants to provide accent to green or light coloured bromeliads
  • Use large bromeliads as feature plants and mass plant smaller bromeliads


  • Green: Restful and tranquil
  • Red: Physical colour, spot plants that draw the eye
  • White: Fresh, luminous in the evening light
  • Yellow: Cheerful colour that calms the mind
  • Blue: Blue borders have a sedative effect, can be overused
  • Purple: Sumptuous and restful, works well with white blue and pink
  • Pink: Warm colour that draws people to it
  • Orange: Rich, warm, happy colour, best used against a dark green background
  • Six colours make up the colour wheel as adapted by Gertrude Jekyll whose harmonious planting ideas have influenced gardeners all over the world