The Society produces an informative quarterly journal called ‘Bromeliaceae’. It provides articles of interest such as conference reports, book reviews, plant cultivation and propagation notes.

We now have access to a detailed index of the complete listing of Bromeliaceae articles and photographs. It provides listings by genera and topic as well as a search feature. This can be accessed by following this link.

2010 – 2018 Bromeliaceae issues

2018 Volume LII

  • Orthophytum ‘Roberto Menescal’ by Derek Butcher
  • Puya by Barbara Murray
  • Tillandsia Workshop by Barbara Murray
  • Nidularium ‘Rutilan Regel’ by Derek Butcher
  • Breeding / Hybridising for Variegation
  • Variegation in Bromeliads
  • Controlled Release or Slow Release, What is the Difference?
  • The Autumn Show – 2018 by Rob Murray
  • Pitcairnia by Barbara Murray
  • The Unruly Pitcairnias by Chet Blackburn
  • Bigeneric Bromeliads by True Grant
  • Spiders, Scale or Beneficial Mites
  • So I want to Show My Bromeliads! by Rob Murray
  • Gender Balance as an Issue
  • Tillandsia funckiana and Tillandsia andreana by John Olsen
  • Edmundoa ‘Rosea’ by Derek Butcher
  • Tillandsia ‘Olive’ by Geoff Lawn, BSI Cultivar Registrar
  • Preparing Your Plants for a Show by Rob Murray
  • How The "Grey Beards" Have Destroyed The Planet - A Seniors' "Lament"
  • Development of Pest Control by Les Higgins
  • Southwestern Colombia is open for visitors by Bruce Dunstan
  • Portea by Barbara Murray
  • The Pleasing Porteas by Mulford B. Foster

  • Tillandsia Workshop 2019
  • Spring Show and Sales 2018 by Rob Murray
  • Tillandsia latifolia - KK forms get proper names by Derek Butcher
  • Tillandsia ‘Tojo’ by Derek Butcher
  • Bromeliads Used as Adornments by Ross Little
  • Tillandsias at Christmas in Mexico by Sue Gardner
  • Selecting a Shade House by Rob Murray
  • Mr. Billbergia's Deep Legacy by Karen Andreas
  • Tillandsia ‘Tomellinensis’ by Derek Butcher
  • Lutheriana splendens (was Vriesea splendens) by Derek Butcher

2017 Volume LI

  • Aechmea ornata  by Derek Butcher
  • Hohenbergia by Barbara Murray
  • Garden of the Month - From the Bromeliaceae of the 70s
  • Aechmea fasciata (Lindley) Baker by Derek Butcher, June 2017
  • It’s Spring – A bromeliad sampler
  • Modern Bromeliad Gardens by Rob Murray

2016 Volume L

  • Tillandsia chiapensis and its Hybrids by John Olsen
  • Cultural Note for Cryptanthus by Les Higgins 2015
  • Gardening Australia - Fact Sheet: Home-made Remedies
  • Remedies Developed by the Henry Doubleday Research Association
  • Safe sprays from Earth Garden Magazine
  • What’s in a Name? by John Olsen
  • Variegated Forms Named in Latin Under the ICBN by Derek Butcher
  • Ae Comosus ‘Makoyana’
  • Water Quality and Growth of Bromeliads
  • BSQ 50 Year Anniversary


2015 Volume XLIX

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2014 Volume XLVIII

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2013 Volume XLVII

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2012 Volume XLVI

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2011 Volume XLV

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2010 Volume XLIV

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